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Monday, July 16, 2012

Living Close to God By Gene Edwards

Living Close to God
When You’re Not Good At It by Gene Edwards

Living Close to God is one man’s account of finding the Lord for himself.  This is a great book that will help the new born again believer learn to walk and seek the Lord.  Several times the author relayed the message that he was not spiritual by any means and in fact was spiritually dull.  This book, Living Close to God, guides you along a path of several ways to seek the Lord through out your day. It is clear from reading this book that Christian believers make it seem impossible to find God and understand his word.  God is not complex and if we would take the time and be still before him we too can hear him.

In reading this book I tried to do the Psalm 23 and still my mind.  It didn’t work for me but what I heard the Lord say was on page 36.  “In Quietness and Waiting.”  As I read this in my office at work, I heard in my spirit, “that’s it.”  I said huh?  What?  I re-read what I had just read to see what had just happened and what he had said to me and it was “In Quietness and Waiting” that is where he is and that is where I will find him.  Gene Edwards gave several examples to seeking the Lord and putting up reminders so the believer can see and remember to take a few seconds to pray.  Believers often leave the Lord at home and never remember to take him with them through out their day or they forget him at home and when they get to work the remember him but then leave him at work.  God should be apart of our entire day and Gene Edwards has showed us a few examples of how we can do just that!

At the end of the book is a seven week study guide.  This study guide can be used within a book club or as a way of helping the believer or the new Christian find a consistent walk with Christ!

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